#183: [Summer Swap] Following God Into The Hard

Summer Swap, birth mom, residential treatment

We often have opportunities to be guests on other podcasts, and we've had some great conversations. We'd hate for you to miss them. Because we're taking the month of July off from recording new episodes, we thought it would be the perfect time to share some of those interviews with you right here on our podcast.

This week, we're replaying a conversation Lisa had with Jamie Finn (@realmompodcast and @fosterthefamilyblog) about fostering a teen, jumping from 7 to 11 children, when adoption gets hard, residential treatment centers, and what it looks like to engage with God through it all.

Click here to download a transcript for this episode.

Relevant Links

This episode first appeared at http://www.fosterthefamilyblog.com/episodes/s2-episode1-lisaqualls.

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