#09: Are Newborn Adoptions Easier? (with Rebecca Vahle)

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A lot of parents check certain boxes looking for a "lower risk" adoption. The thought is that the younger a child comes to you, the "easier" it will be because less has happened to the child.
Sometimes parents of children adopted as newborns do not recognize challenging behaviors as due to trauma. Children often go misdiagnosed or the parents mistakenly think that it's all their fault.

If you adopted an infant or are looking to adopt a newborn, don't miss this interview with Rebecca Vahle.

Rebecca Vahle is the Founder and Director of Training and Curriculum Development for the Family to Family Support Network (FFSN), a pro-education, non-profit organization. FFSN began as the Family to Family Adoption Support Network Program at Parker Adventist Hospital in Parker, Colorado in 2004. The program, created by Rebecca, was the first hospital-based adoption support program in the nation and has been recognized as defining best practice in handling the complex, emotional and logistical needs present in infant adoptions in the hospital setting. In 2015, FFSN was created to share and expand the program and care model into hospitals nationwide with the goal of educating healthcare professionals on the complexities of serving all unique families and empowering hospitals to be a hub of resources to connect families early in pregnancy with needed community resources.

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What should I look for when seeking a mental health professional to work with our family?

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