#34: 10 Habits for Less Anxiety and Better Sleep with Tania Milliken

sleep tips for kids

If you have trouble sleeping or tend to feel anxious and worn down, don't miss this interview with Tania Milliken. She shares ten daily habits to help our families thrive. Some of them may surprise you!

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Mentor Moments:

This week Lisa and Melissa answer the question:

"I'm looking for ways of helping my child deal with homework. My philosophy tends toward, 'She's young and I don’t want homework to become a constant battle,' but there’s also that part of me that worries about what happens if she doesn’t get it done, I feel like she’s 'getting away' with not doing homework if we don’t push it, and then it’ll be a problem in future grade levels. I just don’t think it’s worth the meltdowns at this stage in the game."