#222: [Summer Swap] Healing from Blocked Care

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We often have opportunities to be guests on other podcasts, and we've had some great conversations. We'd hate for you to miss them. Because we're taking the month of July off from recording new episodes, we thought it would be the perfect time to share some of those interviews with you right here on our podcast.

Blocked Care is language identified by Jon Baylin & Dan Hughes which describes the experience whereby:

Overwhelming stress in a parent’s nervous system can create this subconscious, not on purpose, self-protective mechanism that makes it so that some of the parts of our brain and nervous system that bring us the joy and the compassion into parenting shut down.

This can look like parents who are doing a lot of the actions of parenting (i.e., making therapy appointments, packing lunches, driving kids, etc.), but all the reward of parenting– that reciprocal relationship, the enjoyment, the satisfaction– has left, and it leaves parents feeling a sense of apathy towards parenting, which then cycles into guilt and shame.

The stress in a parent’s nervous system that causes blocked care is not always, but can often be related to big, baffling behaviors.

Melissa and Lisa help parents begin healing their nervous systems by looking at three different aspects of their lives:

  • We look at their internal world. So what’s happening in their nervous system, what’s happening in their mindset;
  • We look at what’s happening in their external world, their sensory environments;
  • We look at their relational world to safe people, spiritual relationships, etc.

Note: Robyn's podcast is now titled The Baffling Behaviors Show

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