#02: A Dad’s Journey to Connected Parenting

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The transition from traditional parenting to connected parenting presents challenges for many of us. It looks and feels different from the way we were parented and (if we already have children) the way we're already parenting.

We all experience this transition differently. Today, we hear from a dad who took the plunge into this new way of parenting for the sake of his kids and found himself changed by it.

If you're new to connected parenting, or you and your husband can't quite get on the same page, this interview is for you. If you're a foster or adoptive dad, you will love hearing Mark Vatsaas share his story.

Mark Vatsaas is a parent coach and a moderator of the very popular Facebook group, Parenting with Connection.

How to connect with Mark:

Seen and Heard coaching Facebook page

Seen and Heard Mark's website

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