#17: Help Your Kids Discover Their Strengths and Plan for the Future with Wendy Willard

clifton strengths for adopted teens

Maybe you're struggling to see anything positive in your child's behaviors. Or maybe your teens' self-esteem and confidence are so low, they are convinced they are a failure. Sometimes as moms, we feel like failures or that we aren't cut out for this enormous job of raising kids with such troubled pasts.
This week, Wendy Willard brings us fresh insight and practical tools for helping us discover our kids' strengths which can give us hope for the future.

Remember, if it seems your child is struggling to live out his strengths, he may be feeling SLATHY.

S - Shame
L - Lonely
A - Afraid
T - Tired
H - Hungry/Thirsty
Y - Yucky

Links Relevant to this episode:

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(Alternatively, you can purchase this book* which comes with a free code.)

University of Pennsylvania’s Strength Survey for Children

Playfield Institute’s Character Strengths Assessment

Adopted for Daily Life: A Devotional For Adopting Moms *

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