#07: Tips for Advocating for Your Child at School with Sandi Lerman

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Kids with a history of trauma and adverse experiences often struggle in a traditional learning environment. As parents, it's daunting to know how to best advocate for your student. You may feel like it's you against the school and no one is on your side. This week Sandi Lerman, MA Ed, shares her best tips for helping your child get the free and appropriate education the law requires.

Sandi Lerman is an Education Consultant and the proud Mama Bear of a 17-year old who was adopted at age 10 from Guatemala. Additionally, she is founder of WingBuilder, LCC, providing parent training and coaching for parents of adopted children and others with developmental trauma through her HEART-STRONG™ Parenting Program.

Through her years of experience as an educator and parent, Sandi walks us through a step-by-step process for navigating the education system.

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