#80: Pandemic Schooling Advice from a School Counselor

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Surprise! Your kids are now doing school at home. Have you gotten past the shock? You may be wondering just what a school day should look like. You may also be trying to figure out how much of the work planned by teachers needs to be completed.

Our guest today is Maria Hansen-Quine. She is a school counselor and the mom of nine kids including some who joined her family through adoption.

With insight into parenting and educating children with trauma histories, Maria shares her tips for navigating the uncharted waters of education during a pandemic.

Regulation Ideas:

Our Before-School Regulation Plan (using with her 4th grade boy)
- Keep it tight (no last minute changes)
- Pre-agreed upon breakfast (food schedule)
- Pre-agreed upon clothes laid out the night before
- No electronic OR playing with toys before school
- 10 minutes of jumping on the trampoline by themselves before breakfast (and if really heightened - after breakfast as well)
- For bad weather, use rocking chair or inside swing
- Pet Time (2-5 minutes)
- Times of connection with parent (2-5 minutes)
- If not regulated, does not start school

Throughout the Day Regulation Ideas
- Rocking chair for 10 minutes
- Running and/or walking
- Playing basketball outside or inside (shooting hoops)
- Music
- Chewing Gum and or hard candy to suck on
- Weighted blanket
- Drawing and/or coloring
- Keeping a Thankful Journal
- Bath/Hot Tub/Shower
- Sports and/or something active
- Weighted lap blanket
- Sensory Sock
- Jump Rope
- Pull Up Bar for the door
- Push Ups and/or sit-ups and/or wall push ups
- Planks
- Agreed Upon Time with Toys (Legos)
- Protein snack such as cheese, nuts, meat or eggs
- Physical Competitions
- Inside Hopscotch (use strong tape to mark it off)
- Chalking in the garage
- Bike ride/scootering/skateboard
- Daily writing positive self-affirming sentences, i.e. “I can stay calm. I can trust my family. I can do my school work and if I need help I will ask”
- Something non-electronic which your child normally enjoys (yet something which they will not get so completely lost in that stopping it will cause frustration)
- Breathing Apps (“Breathe” or “Calm Down”)

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