How To Make Sure You Never Miss Our Emails

Thank you for giving us a tiny bit of space in your inbox! We promise to keep our emails short and sweet…and helpful! 

Many e-mail and Internet companies are now using programs to block unwanted e-mail, often called spam. This is really helpful…until it’s not. Sometimes these programs block e-mail you actually want to get.

To make sure that our emails land in your Inbox (aka. whitelisting) so you don’t miss a thing, find the video that matches how you most often check your email and follow the simple steps.

If you don’t see your device or app, just make sure that is saved to your contacts or do a Google search for “Whitelist” and the name of your device or app.

Gmail (on a computer)

Outlook (on a computer)

Mac Mail

Yahoo! Mail (on a computer)

Gmail App

iPad and iPhone

Yahoo! Mail App