Participant Guide – Foundations for Overcoming and Preventing Blocked Care


The eight-session program for helping parents reclaim compassion

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Each participant in a facilitated group must have a participant guide.

Participant guide may be used individually by parents.

Is parenting turning out differently than you imagined? You had so much love to give, but now you feel ashamed and bewildered by your lack of compassion.

The good news is you are not a bad parent. You may be experiencing blocked care–and you’re not alone. Put very simply, blocked care is a self-protective mechanism in your nervous system that makes it difficult to connect with your child and maintain compassion. Your heart seems to have left the relationship.

Created by two parents who have overcome blocked care, Foundations for Overcoming Blocked Care answers the question, “How did this happen and will it ever get better?” You’ll recognize yourself in the honest stories from the authors and other parents.

This 8-session practical and powerful group program offers a simple step-by-step process for reclaiming compassion for your child and yourself.

You can heal from blocked care and compassion can be rekindled in your heart.

You’re a good parent doing good work.

Melissa Corkum and Lisa C. Qualls serve thousands of parents around the world by providing resources for overcoming blocked care and post-adoption support through their podcast, books, speaking, and coaching.

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