Podcast Trailer

Welcome to the Adoption Connection Podcast

Here we are! The Adoption Connection podcast, by and for adoptive moms has launched! We are unbelievably excited.

Do you ever feel your life is so different nobody will understand? Or do you feel judged by people who see you parenting in a less-than-conventional way?

Do you wonder if you’re cut out for this life as a foster or adoptive mom?

We totally understand this (and all the other craziness) and we’re here for you.

Each week we’ll have a new episode with helpful information and guests speaking on topics just for foster and adoptive moms. Of course, all moms are welcome, but we create each episode with you in mind.

Most weeks we’ll also feature a reader question, and we’ll always have show notes (like this) with relevant resources and links.

We can’t wait to see you Tuesday, August 7th, for our first full episode.


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