#220: Why Encouragement May Be Better Than Consequences with adoptee, Stephanie Fast


Abandoned at a young age, Stephanie wandered the war-torn countryside of Korea. Due to her bi-racial ethnicity, she was abused and violated in every way. She was adopted around the age of nine by David & Judy Merwin. Her parents surrounded her with "lavish love" and encouragement instead of consequences when she acted out during her childhood. They seemed to understand her behaviors came from a well of deep hurt and shame. A profound personal encounter with Jesus Christ enabled her to exchange her pain with Him at the cross and see her identity and purpose in the light of God's love.

This message, Stephanie has had the privilege to share with anyone who will listen.  God has honored her with very diverse audiences. Over the past 30 years, her story and teaching have been on TV, radio, in magazines and other people's books. She recently wrote her first book; She Is Mine. She has been an Advocate for Orphans and Adoptees her whole Christian life, believing there is an orphan in each person without Jesus.

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