#217: [workshop] Explaining Our Families to Others with Beth Smith Feger, PhD

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Parenting kids who have experienced trauma, loss and separation can be challenging. Finding strategies that heal and actually work provides hope to parents who are struggling, but these strategies can seem strange to others. Our parents, neighbors, friends, and family (maybe even that lady we see at church each week) have opinions, suggestions and perhaps even judgment about our new parenting strategies. This workshop will give us some tools to help our loved ones understand why we parent the way we do.

Beth Smith Feger has over 20 years of experience in training and education. Since completing a Ph.D. in early childhood education in 2009, she has worked training teachers, parents and young people. She is a passionate life long learner and has co-written a text book for early childhood educators. She is currently the Director of Programs at Fostering Hope, an organization the equips and supports families and churches to care for children who have experienced trauma. She is also the mom to three kids, two adopted from foster care. She lives in Austin with her family and enjoys reading, swimming and Marvel movies.

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