Private Coaching

Get support, feedback, and advice for exactly where you are from coaches who have walked in your shoes. No more guessing how to apply theory to real life.

Melissa Corkum
  • Safe and Sound Protocol (via Regulation Rescue)
  • Brain and Reflex Integration (via Regulation Rescue)
  • Enneagram Coaching for Adoptees
  • Consultation for Businesses and Practitioners

Melissa helps you harness the power of neuroscience and bodywork when traditional cognitive therapy and behavior modification aren't working.

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Lisa C. Qualls
  • Faith-based coaching and support for parents
  • Guidance in overcoming blocked care
  • Caring for the siblings
  • Nurturing your marriage
  • Spiritual Direction

As an adoptive mom, TBRI Practitioner, and spiritual director, Lisa offers coaching deeply rooted in her faith in Christ. While she enjoys providing parenting guidance, her primary interest is in supporting you, the parent. Lisa is here to support you as you walk through the joys and challenges of this unique parenting experience.

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Greg Lombard Rea
  • Parent Coaching
  • Dad Coaching
  • Behavior Coaching
  • Enneagram Coaching

As an adoptive dad and TBRI Practitioner, Greg specializes in helping you "Stay Calm", "See the Need" and "Meet the Need" of your children and teens so that you can find joy in your parenting again.

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Jennifer Hiltebeitel
  • Enneagram Coaching
  • Adoptee Mentoring

Jennifer is an adoptee and parent through birth and adoption as well as a Certified Enneagram Coach. She enjoys helping clients grow in compassion for themselves and others resulting in healthier patterns and relationships. As an adoptee mentor she is able to provide the support and encouragement to teens and young adult adoptees she wishes she would have had in those developmental stages as she wrestled with her identity and processed her adoption story.

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Nakole Wooley, MSW
  • Support for kinship parents
  • Support for parents parenting children 12 and under

Nakole empowers families to cultivate strong connections without feeling a sense of shame and failure. She has a Master’s Degree in Social Work with an emphasis on attachment styles, trauma recovery, parenting with meaningful connection. Additionally, her and her husband are Cultivate Connection Facilitators. She has lived experience that allows her to walk alongside families, supporting them during challenging transitions. She is a kinship-foster parent and adoptive parent, with a heart for families who feel isolated or overwhelmed. Nakole believes there is hope for every family.

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