#26: What To Do When Your Child is Out of Control with Robyn Gobbel

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Picture this, your child is falling apart, ramping up, and he's totally flipped his lid. Your fear starts to creep up. How do you make him stop?

You've been there, right? So have we.

In this week's episode, Robyn Gobbel helps us understand what is happening in us and our kids during times of dysregulation. Then she offers practical tips to help our children regulate.

Don't miss her explanation about the importance of matching our children's energy in the moment, which is different from being calm.

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Mentor Moments:

This week Lisa and Melissa answer the question:

"When you have been in the trenches and people say things like....'You knew what you were getting in to' or 'It was your choice to adopt,”...How does one gracefully respond?"


  1. Cara Wilcox
    February 13, 2019

    THANK YOU for episode 26. The interview with Robbyn Gobbel regarding what to do in the middle of a meltdown is exactly what I have asked professionals repeatedly and no one seemed to have any answers. And all of your questions and comments and discussions were so in line with my experience. Thanks for helping me feel like I am not alone.

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