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*In addition to decades of parenting experience, Lisa Qualls is a certified Enneagram coach and a TBRI® practitioner. TBRI® is an attachment-based, trauma-informed intervention that is designed to meet the complex needs of vulnerable children. 
Are you an adoptive mom parenting children with early trauma or challenges?
  • Is parenting harder than you ever imagined?
  • Do you often feel alone or misunderstood?
  • Are you worried about your other children?
  • Has your marriage been impacted by the stress?
  • While you love your child, do you struggle to like her?
  • Do you want to fall in love again with being a mom?
You’ve found the best place for adoptive moms to be met with compassion and understanding.
I've been right where you are.
When we adopted four children, I quickly realized I was in over my head. As my life unraveled on the outside…
…I was falling apart on the inside, too.

There were days when I hardly recognized the mom I’d become. I missed who I used to be—the mom who adored her kids, worked hard, followed Jesus, and loved her life.

And the shame—I felt so much shame over my inability to parent my kids well.
I grew weary, anxious, and deeply discouraged. At times I even wondered where God was in the middle of our mess.
My health began to suffer, and my marriage which had always been strong, was strained by the weight we carried.

With help from people who loved me and gifted professionals, I began the journey from overwhelmed and discouraged to a place of calm hope rooted in Jesus.
It took courage to surrender my expectations to God. It took strength to set a new course for myself as a mom and for my marriage.
I began to feel more hopeful. Finally, I could sense God’s purpose in our family. The knot left my stomach and I had peace. I reclaimed my identity as a good mom.

…And then I became a foster mom to a teen girl. But that’s a story for another day!
What Moms Are Saying
“Lisa gets it- she gets the stress and sadness around acknowledging our adopted kiddos’ stories, she gets how to help biological children cope with new sibling relationships, she gets how to pursue a path forward with community resources and support people, and most of all she gets how to help parents frame all of this into the bigger picture of God’s plan.”
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“Lisa helps those around her ‘feel safe’… I believe some of why we feel safe with her is because of the beauty that our Healer has made in the trauma and grief she has endured.”
“Lisa is a treasure-trove of tools, wisdom, and grace for adoptive families. These treasures she so freely shares have not been obtained without heavy cost and much personal suffering, but herein lies her greatest strength: in these depths she has gained a rare and special ability to enter into the suffering of others and provide both practical tools and compassionate support for almost any adoption-related scenario.” 
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“This is one place I have found where I don’t feel judgment and actually feel quite affirmed.”
You can renew your hopeful, courageous heart too!
You’ll be mentored, supported, and encouraged so that:
  • You can embrace your life once again
  • Renew your love for being a mom
  • Release your expectations for your kids and accept them more fully
  • Feel strong and courageous
  • Know you’re not alone and there is no shame in suffering
  • Draw close to God and rest in Him
  • Recognize the beauty rising from the ashes of struggle
And you won’t be alone – we’ll be together in the journey.

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