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FREE Video Training

The Compassion Challenge
for the Discouraged Adoptive Parent

An on-demand video training so you can rebuild your compassion for your child and enjoy parenting again.

Understand why your child pushes you away, why you're not a bad parent because you're losing patience, and shed the feelings of shame and guilt. There is hope, and you can regain that compassion!

Here's what we're going to cover during this FREE challenge:

We'll teach you about something called Blocked Trust.

What it is, how it happens, and why it matters.

We'll explain what happens when we parent a child with Blocked Trust.

There's brain science behind why it's hard to keep caring.

We'll talk about what to do next and how to renew your compassion.

Don't worry! There is hope!

About your hosts:
Melissa Corkum & Lisa Qualls

Between the two of us, we represent all three parts of the adoption triad and are moms to 18 kids. We've been around the block a couple times with kids by birth, adoption, and foster care. We've lost sight of our compassion and why we even wanted to adopt in the first place.

We've really been there. And lived to tell about it.

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