#20: The Bitter and Sweet of Foster Care Reunification with Jamie Finn

jamie finn reunification foster care podcast

"I couldn't do foster care because I'd never be able to give them back."

How many times have you heard this, said this, felt this? There's no doubt, it's so hard to love and care for a child and then return him to his family. And yet...

Lisa sat down with Jamie Finn to talk about the bitter and the sweet of loving children and then letting them go. Jamie shares her journey from viewing herself as the rescuer of children to being a loving support to them and their birth families.

This was a beautiful conversation - we hope you enjoy it.

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Mentor Moments:

This week Lisa and Melissa answer the question:

"My extended family expects us to join in the family holiday gathering. My kids are doing pretty well, but I want to set them up for success and minimize the chances of a huge meltdown. Can you give me some ideas?"